Sipiso-piso Waterfall

 More so colorful holiday when you can vacation together with people you love. Sipiso-piso waterfall can be one of the main goals when you and your family vacation in North  Sumatra. Me and my friends decided to vacation there. We start our journey from  Kabanjahe, capital of Karo, North Sumatra. From Kabanjahe we move towards Sipiso- Piso using public transit for Rp. 10,000.00 per person with a travel time of approximately  45 minutes drive.

Sipiso-piso name is derived from the word “Piso” which means the blade. This name was  given because of the heavy flow of water-water that fell from the hill, with a height of over a hundred meters likened blades sharp. In addition, a steep ravine when viewed from the top of the hill make a local call from Tanah Karo Piso.

Sipiso-Piso located close to the village Tongging Sub Brand, north of Lake Toba and about 24 kilometers from Kabanjahe, Karo. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in Indonesia with a height of 120 meters and approximately 800 meters above sea level. Sipiso-Piso formed from an underground river in the Karo plateau flowing through a cave in the side of the crater of Lake Toba.


The local government has provided a very strategic view post so that we can enjoy the beauty of the scenery Sipiso-Piso and Lake Toba from a distance. The scenery was incredible. God is so magically create all the beauty of nature, so that we can enjoy His creation. With sepoi- gentle breeze made the trip more enjoyable.

You not only can see the waterfall from a distance. You can see the base of the sipiso piso waterfall medan tour with down hundreds of steps. But make sure you fit condition to do so because the steps are steep and do not forget to bring drinking water supplies. Fatigue down the stairs was lost, when you see the beautiful waterfall with a close distance. You can look in the direction of small hills that are before you. Your fascination of the high hills will be coupled with a roar splash thousands of water droplets bouncing off the water fall point. Lodging can be found in the village Tongging or Kabanjahe City, the capital of Karo. You can also buy a memento / souvenir Karo in the tourist area Sipiso-Piso waterfall.
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Natural Park Sicike-cike


Natural Park Sicike-cike - Three Lakes Natural Park Sicike-Cike, Heaven orchid isolated. In North Sumatra, there are several lakes. One of the most famous is Lake Toba. Who is not familiar with the lake this one. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia. Even the famous natural to foreign countries. But in addition to Lake Toba, North Sumatra also has several lakes that are no less beautiful Lake Lau Kawar, Lake Siais and do not miss all the Three Lakes Natural Park Sicike-Cike extraordinary beautiful topography. In fact, I was even born and raised in Medan, new to this lake when I was 21 years old. I feel lucky in the Nature Park track this one. Parks Nature Sicike-Sike, orchid paradise cornered, isolated, because many people do not know this exotic place. Three Lakes in TWA-Cike Sicike located in the Dairi is a swamp area of 575 hectares plateau. The trip takes about six hours to drive a bus Sinabung. Meanwhile, these are passed Medan – Berastagi – Kabanjahe – Brand – SUMBUL – Faith Park – Build – Village Laehole II. Approximately 112 species of orchids focused on the three lakes. Residents often get in the woods take some quotes orchids to make potions. Administratively Parks Nature Sicikeh-cike including Nuli Deconvolution Village, District Sidikalang, Dairi, North Sumatra Province. In general topography Sicike TWA field-Cike most severe and most wavy corrugated medium and light, with an altitude of 1500-2000 m above sea level. The state of the vegetation in the TWA Sicike-Cike a mountainous tropical rain forest with plant species include: Samponus interest (Dacrydium junghuhnii), Frankincense (Styrax benzoin), urinary (Quercus sp) and Haundolok (Eugenia sp). Some types of animals that can be found, among others, Honey Bear, Goat woods, tiger, wild boar and deer. In addition to its natural state of their own potential as a tourist there are some objects that can be enjoyed, among others: the beauty of the lake, natural phenomena, and so forth. Some of the activities that can be done include hiking, camping and hunting photos. Forest Tourism Sicike-Cike, with the potential of flora and fauna that can be used as a forest research laboratory. The existence of this area also provide benefits to the population as a source of water infiltration, when developed will menjai tourism potential in the future. This area in medan tour natural park sicike- cike also has three lakes adjacent to each other and the water situation remains stable. It is said that according to legend, was once the 3 pieces village turned into a lake due to the curse of a mother towards her child rebellious. The following are excerpts from the news in one of the media; Who would have thought, in addition to Lake Toba and Brastagih are always hailed as the center of tourism in the region of North Sumatra (North Sumatra), the region that has many other tourist locations. It was revealed Evansus Manalu, as staff subpart of data evaluation and reporting and PR Center for Conservation of Natural Resources North Sumatra, on Tuesday (2/10) in Medan. He said, is a natural park Sicike-Cike, which is administratively located in the Hamlet area Pancur Nauli Lae village Hole II District Parbuluan Dairi, who did not compete with other tourist areas. “Administratively Pemangkuan, region-Cike Sicike is actually included in the section conservation area located in region I Sidikalang, Center KSDA Sumatra,” he said. But he said, remote place is north and south by the protected forest Tinjoan Adian, east by Desal Lae Hole II Pancur Nauli and west borders with Adian forest Tinjoan District of the Kingdom, making many people initially think this park area included in the conservation area. For people who are interested mengunjungin tourist sites, he said of the field can be reached by road 170 km and takes about 3.5 hours, route Medan-Brastagih-Build-Pancur Nauli-and arrived at Sicike-Cike. “At first the status of this region is based on a map of the forest area of North Sumatra province-level region as the attachment of the decree of the Minister of Agriculture, was appointed as a limited production forest. It was only later in 1989 set changes in the function of a limited production forest-Cike Sicike lake covering 575 hectares into forests. it was a true story, “he said. When the team visited the location on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 and, Evansus explain the potential of the sector in this region is quite good flora. Native plants that are in there among other types of Sampinur Ropes, Sampinur Flowers, Haundolog and Frankincense. There are also types of forest orchid, bag Semar, gagatan tiger, rattan and ferns. For potential fauna, some native animals like gibbon North Sumatra, raccoons, wild ducks, hornbills, highly prevalent, along with the types of animals like insects and butterflies of various patterns and types. “While in the case of travel, Lae river PANDARO with brown water capacity and cool air is first welcome when they reach the entrance of this region. While in terms of uniqueness, in the three lakes where the water never increases and decreases despite the dry and rainy seasons,” he said. See the complete potential and its uniqueness, it is possible to do development. Some researchers from the universities and researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), as well as individual researchers have repeatedly doing research in this area. In addition, this region can also be developed as a center for nature conservation pembelajara. It gives the option where, duninia education in Sumatra use and exploit the potential that exists in the region as a natural laboratory. “There is actually a lot more other benefits from the existence of this region that can be used for various circles. We see from the observation that we do, it is possible Sicike-Cike region are alternative treatment plants,” he said. hopefully writing about natural park sicike-cike useful for you and increase your knowledge.