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Kemang Cave Sembahe - A large stone covered with moss stands firmly on a piece of land. There is nothing special about this stone, there is the door and the room inside. On the outer walls of the caves are carved to resemble the shape of the human body but in small sizes, according to the body shape of the carving community is body size umang. Local people believe as home Umang, the Bunian in Tanah Karo.

According to local stories, long ago in the village of Uruk Rambuten (a small village in Tanah Karo), there lived a cultivator in the village. He made a an agreement with umang (the Bunian) to help him work on his farm. Umang approved the agreement on the condition cultivators should not be a single person know if the cultivator has been assisted by the umang to work on his farm.

Eventually, aided by cultivators the umang and his friend. The fields that should not be completed in one day go faster completion aided umang. This raises the suspicion that the wife cultivators so quietly wife cultivators to follow her husband’s field. Wife cultivators were surprised to see many creatures dwarf (umang) working in his fields.

When the umang learned that the wife cultivators are the fields and see their activity, the umang an agreement with the cultivators was canceled. Which has a clean tilled fields, back into the wilderness. When the forest is cleared back a large stone was found and the room has a door in it and the stone is what is now referred to as a umang cave. “Umang” is Karo language which means genie or spirit. As told by Tolen Ketaren, such as human physical Umang, but smaller. The difference again, if running, his legs upside down, heel facing forward while his toes toward the back. Stone cave discovered by local people on this Dutch colonial era, once he was appointed to be moved to the Netherlands. But it can not be moved. Tolen himself did not know why this stone cave can not be removed. Maybe something to do also with magical powers. Most of the people believe that to this day still occasionally there that inhabit the rock cave.

Uruk Rambuten village which is considered as the beginning of the village  Sembahe medan tour is still recognizable. But there was no longer a resident who  inhabit the  village. Uruk Rambuten village located near the crash site Garuda  Indonesia on 26  September 1997. According Tolen, there is the possibility of the  plane crashed due  to snagging banyan tree that grows in the middle of the village  of Uruk Rambuten.

 Cultural sites Abandoned The cave is located in Kemang Village Durintani,    Sembahe Village, District and articles, Deli Serdang Regency. Precisely are in the  fields of a resident who is also surnamed Ketaren. For the location of this stone  cave, we can walk as far as one mile from the intersection Durintani, towards the  right of the field.
 Not hard to find the intersection Durintani. There is a signpost of cement contained in the intersection. “Site Cave Kemang (Batu Caves), Regional Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture of North Sumatra Province, Project Development Culture of the Provincial North Sumatra,” that is written there. It turns out that the rock cave is believed by archaeologists as relics of prehistoric man has become one of the government’s cultural sites.
if from the city of Medan at 10 am and arrived at the cave kemang hours 11. The road to this place we traveled by motorcycle, because the traffic flow to where it usually is jammed so using a motorcycle is a choice for the tepat.Untuk can take this place to be through rocky road and quite uphill on a motorbike can be reached for 10 minutes.
Finally, the entrance to the cavern is already in sight. However, a sufficient condition slicing finally welcomed our hearts. Fences and walls that keep this cultural sites already mossy. So even stairs that would take us up to the top, where the rock cave is located. Carving is written in the fence was almost illegible due to moss so thick.
Park ever built and running by the Regional Office of the Department of Education’s 75 years in this place, but did not develop until now.
taking dozens of stairs to get to the location of the Cave Kemang which is at the top of the garden. Condition of the cave was not much different from what we have encountered before. Thick moss surrounds the outer wall. Two similar relief man who is believed to be the shape of a figure Umang no longer evident. First according to the surrounding communities there are other stones also around the cave. Rocks such as tables, chairs, but marred Netherlands.
At the front of the cave, there is a small hole measuring about 50 x 50 cm with a triangular-shaped sculpture on top. A kind of door to the house Umang. In the cave there is only one chamber measuring approximately 3 x 2 meters with a height of about one meter. The top of the roof of the cave like a regular house, conical atasnya.Di to the right and left in the cave, there are two steps, such as a bed.
While on the right there is a small room lengthwise. In addition, there are also similar carvings Arabic script in the cave at the top of the door. According Tolen, may be it writing Karo, as if viewed from its shape, Karo writing is almost similar to the shape of the Arabic script. But it is not clear certainty because in some parts of the walls of the caves are also many human graffiti fad carve his name there. Corrupted already!
However, the most to note here is that the cave Kemang. Quite alarming, given the cave was once used as one of the cultural sites in North Sumatra. If the current government does not heed this, it could be Cave Kemang actually lost forever.
hopefully writing about kemang cave historical sites sembahe useful for you and increase your knowledge.
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