Berhala Island as Outer Islands Indonesia Travel


Berhala Island is located in the Malacca Strait Indonesia northern or southern border of Malaysia, if you come to Berhala Island, you may be required to report to the national army officers Indonesia (TNI) on guard to visit traveled to the island. Want to feel the outer islands of Indonesia tourism ? try to come to Berhala Island, beautiful outer islands with tropical coastal charm that offers beautiful beaches and the diversity of species of fish and underwater coral reefs, located in the north Serdang Bedagai.

Because not too far from the district  capital of Medan in North Sumatra  province, there are some special  visited cruise destination for the  tourists to the island, if you want a  nautical tourism in the outer islands,  this island least there should be in the  queue list to your next destination.

 You can go to the nearest port such as  port kuala promontory located at in a  place called Lima Puluh, Batu Bara,  not far from Tebing Tinggi, Serdang  Bedagai, using fast boats to and from  berhala island, from Tebing Tinggi to  Kuala Tanjung take up to 1 hour  journey,  while from Kuala Tanjung  towards Berhala Island can be  reached by a 1.5 hour drive.
 The island is little more than 0025  km2, or about 2.5 hectares only, no residents who lived on this island only the soldiers who served, although the outermost location, the island is storing diverse tourism potential with the beauty of the tropical coast of the island is very beautiful, lush green trees grow and at the edge of a white sandy beach stretches on several sides decorated solid rock hill, the clear water to look to the bottom of the color of turquoise blue water, really fascinating when you want to capture dawn and dusk side by side in the same place.
The beauty does not end there, besides enjoying the beaches are clean and natural, this beach save the diversity of coral reefs and marine life, if you want to go snorkeling or diving the best places can be found on Berhala Island as one of medan tour places or islands that flank this island as the Sokong Siembang Island and Sokong Nenek Island which covers only no more than 0.5 hectares, various types of either hard or soft coral reefs and colorful fish reef dwellers can see, the best diving depth of 4 to 25 meters.
This island is also a turtle breeding and cultivation are managed by the department of marine and fisheries Serdang Bedagai, generally on this island where the turtles lay their eggs, if you want to capture when the turtles dig a nest and lay eggs, maybe you can come at night when the turtle turtle began to come,
Fishing is a popular activity, a local tourism operators have been offering fishing activities around the island, the island will be your base camp, then you will be fishing not far from the island toward a particular spot using a fast boat, fish variation can be found such as tuna , snapper and grouper and the thrill of pulling a fish is a distinct preoccupation for you conquered, if fishing is your hobby is certainly fierce tug sea dwellers around the island is a challenge that you will subsequently conquered.
For facilities and accommodation of this island has been ogled and developed by local entrepreneurs, there are several facilities such as lodging and resorts can be found on this island, so do not hesitate if you plan to stay and should go with your friends to this island.
Hopefully writing about berhala island as outer islands indonesia travel useful for you and increase your knowledge and don’t forget to come.